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If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Columbia, MO, you’ll find plenty willing to take your case. But it’s important you find the best attorney for your case. Some firms have built their practice on handling a high number of cases, and they hope to settle claims quickly without giving them the full attention they may deserve. Other firms handle many different practice areas, and personal injury cases represent only a portion of what they do.

Zach Kluesner does things differently. Our personal injury firm’s mission is based on a few guiding principles:
When you call Zach, you get Zach. We don’t hand you off to an associate or put a paralegal in charge of your case. You hired Zach to do the job, and he’ll be the person directly handling all aspects of your case. When you want to speak to your attorney, that’s exactly who’ll you’ll talk to when you call our firm.
We care about your story. To us, you’re more than a case number. We want to know what you’ve been through because we believe your story matters. We know that to truly get you the payment you deserve, we need to know how your injury has affected your life.
We give you answers. For many injured people, the hardest part of filing a claim is uncertainty. That’s why we make ourselves accessible and available whenever you need us. We answer your questions promptly and thoroughly, and we keep you updated throughout your case.

Few plaintiff’s attorneys know the inner workings of insurance companies like Zach Kluesner. After years of working for insurers, he knows the tactics they use to reduce and deny payments to people who deserve compensation, and how to work around them.

We offer our clients a promise—we accept no fee for our services if we don’t win you compensation. In other words, if you don’t get paid, we don’t either. That’s our No Fee Guarantee®.

Let Zach put his knowledge and experience to work for you.
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